Who We Are

Our Enterprise

VALENTINI is a family-run enterprise specialized in the development and production of mobile cable-cranes for the transport of wood and other materials. Our enterprise is based in the North of Italy, in the alpine Region Trentino-Alto Adige, which is the most mechanized part of Italy regarding the forestry branch.

VALENTINI SRL was established in 1979 as a metal and mechanical construction enterprise; it soon specialized in the production of winches and special forestry machinery, until its first mobile cable crane for forestry use was created in 1984. Since then, VALENTINI has been specializing in the construction of this particular kind of machinery.

In our headquarter in Cles (Trento) we personally follow every step of our machinery development: from the project to the construction. We also do ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of our machines when necessary.

Our philosophy is to manufacture high quality machines: this means they must have excellent performances and be reliable, safe and technologically updated. This is also reached through the application of advanced electronic automation and control systems: our technical staff keeps doing research in this field, in order to constantly improve the machines’ efficiency and ease of use, and for satisfying the clients’ requirements.

VALENTINI gives the possibility of choosing the most suitable machine type according to user’s needs and site conditions, in order to make forestry work more efficient and sustainable – not only from the environmental point of view, but also economically. Our machines’ versatility allows timber harvesting companies to differentiate their jobs and to work safely even in difficult conditions, with wet or snowy terrain. Environmental and economic performance of timber yarding using VALENTINI machines is what our company keeps working on: more automation of cable yarders leads to a safer and faster job. This means that forestry enterprises can get the opportunity of improving their work conditions and income.

We offer specific advising in order to identify the best solution for the client’s needs among a wide choice of machine models, for fulfilling all the expectations. On request we also manufacture special machines, in order to address the peculiar needs of our clients.

We use updated design and manufacturing techniques and tools and keep doing R&D activities for always offering the top quality: the European market recognizes VALENTINI products for their efficiency, reliability, safety and high technology. Ongoing research and direct contact with our clients guarantee the further development of our products.

High technology also means advanced automation and control electronic systems, which are implemented in all our machines: our technical staff keeps doing research in this field, for constantly making our products even more efficient and user-friendly.

The choice of specializing in the manufacture of mobile cable yarders and of constantly updating their technology is due to our conviction that their use for wood transport in the forest is the most sustainable among the existing solutions, both from the economic and environmental point of view. This belief is supported by the results of various researches conducted by research centres and universities.